Brian Harrison had us do a little work on this 1969 Chevy C10 a couple years ago and now he has brought it back to us for a total restorations. 
He has decided to do a new big engine/trans, etc install along with new A/C and a ton of other upgrades.    
Thanks Brian for the Project.  This will be a great build.

brian's c10 as it came in

vintage chevy pick up truck restorations and repairs

1969 chevy c10 restorations and rebuilds
interior as it arrived to our shop

1969 chevy truck restorations
sandblasted and sorry to say that a lot of work is needed

1969 chevy restorations
will need some metal work here

Classic and Muscle Car and Truck Restorations
Yahoo, new 500hp BigBlock Chevy

cllasic chevy restorations
some rust removal from this roof

classic auto and truck repairs and restorations
Robbie working on the inside roof

vintage chevy restorations
epoxy primer cab

classic 1969 chevy truck restorations
setting up to undercoat the cab

classic Checy pick up truck restorations
setting up for undercoat

vintage 1969 chevy restorations

1969 chevy restorations and rebuilds
the dash as it came in

vintage chevy rebuilds and restorations
teardown begins

1969 Chevy truck repairs and restorations
could not see this tacky repair work before the blast

classic chevy restorations
more surprises but it will be very cool when its done

vintage 1969 chevy truck repairs and restorations
fire wall repairs

vintage chevy restorations
moving right along on this one

classic chevy restorations
nice new fenders

1969 Chevy truck restorations
epoxy bed

classic chevy 5-10 pickup restorations and repairs
thank God for lifts., really can get to everything

vintage chevy pickup truck restorations
this will give it great protection

Classic car restorations and repairs
fenders out of the booth

vintage chevy pickup truck restorations

vintage chevy restorations
assembly continues

1969 chevy pick up truck restorations

1969 chevy 5-10 restorations
cab and bed mounted back on frame

classic chevy pick up truck restorations
dyna mat in dash work begins

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