John has had this Galaxie 500 for many years and being his favorite car he wants to get it back to its original beauty

Vintage Ford fairlane Galaxie 500 Restorations
lots of rust on this baby, fixable for sure

vintage ford restorations

1959 ford fairlane restorations
interior will need lots of help

1959 ford galaxy restorations
sandblasted waiting for new metal

vintage ford galaxy restorations

vintage 1959 ford restorations and repairs
got the new metal ordered , lots of rust

classic ford fairlane restorations

ford fairland galaxy 500 restorations
metal going on

vintage 1959 ford galaxy restorations

vintage ford restorations
body work continues

classic ford fairlane restorations
engine and cooling going on

1959 ford galaxy restorations
dino in

vintage ford restorations and repairs

ford fairlane renovations and restoration
out of the booth and starting reassemble

classic ford fairlaine galaxy restorations and repairs
all painting done, just assembly to work on

finishing up assembly , looking fantastic

classic ford restorations

1959 Ford Galaxy restorations
finished , covered all the details

classic Ford restorations and repairs

Total Restorations 1959 Ford
classic interior

vintage ford fairlane restorations
going home

Vintage Ford Fairlane Repairs and restorations
lots of metal back then

classic ford galaxie restorations and repairs

vintage ford fairlane restorations
teardown begins

1959 Ford Restorations
parts out of blasting

classic ford fairlane restorations

ford fairlane 500 restorations
cutting out the rust

classic ford fairlane 500 restorations
new metal on it's way

vintage ford galaxy restorations
lots of metal work going on

ford galaxy 500 restorations
body starting to come together

vintage ford restorations
replacement parts unavailable, going to have to rework these fenders.

vintage ford restorations and repairs
a good undercoating to protect this vintage ford

classic ford fairlane restorations
final sanding going on

classic ford restorations and repairs
parts getting ready for the booth

Vintage Ford restorations and repairs
This took a lot of work but it turned out great

my Lord we have Parts. Coming together

almost heading for the road

ford galaxy restorations and repairs
drum roll please " its finished"

1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Restorations and repairs

vintage 1959  Ford restorations and repairs
this is a big beautiful ride

vintage Ford restorations


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