Paul picked up this beauty from California just as it is.   It's a total package already.  But...   It has the original 6 cyl and
standard transmission and he wants to convert it to a small block Chevy and Automatic Tranmission,  and change it to a stepside bed,  and upgrade suspension.      What a sweet ride this is  , "  all Matching numbers " with about 60,000 original miles.    Are work will mostly be hidden on this one,  but we wanted you to see this classic truck.

Classic Chevy 5/10 Pick Up Truck Restorations
this truck had excellent restortion done in california

classic chevy restorations

chevy truck restorations
straight 6

classic truck restorations
good job on the bed

vintage ford truck restorations
removing the old straight line engine

Vintage chevy truck restorations
engine out, moving on

classis chevy truck restorations
putting this on a roll around so we can address the rust

vintage chevy truck repairs and restorations
looking good

vintage chevy repairs and restorations
treatment applications

vintage chevy truck restorations
coating applied

custom chevy and ford  restorations

chevy 510 restorations
chris knocking off all the debrie

vintage chevy truck restorations

classic auto restortations and repairs

Classic chevy truck restorations
rewired dash

vintage chevy auto and truck restorations
cab on bed and wiring going on

classic chevy pick up truck restorations

vintage chevy pic up truck repairs and restorations
all new dyno and a new steering column going in

vintage car restorations and repairs

1970 chevy pickup truck repairs and restorations

vintage chevy truck restorations

vintage chevy pick up restorations
this is soooo nice

Classic Car Restorations
this original is so clean

Classic Ford Truck Restorations and repairs
bed off , getting ready to start the frame work

classic chevy truck restorations

classic car restorations
removing the cab

classic chevy truck restorations
frame just back from powdercoating

frame up restorations
starting to get the frame back together

classic auto restorations
surface rust, ground it off and treated it

custom street rod builders
again just some surface rust

classic 510 chevy truck restorations
dynomat in

Chevy trucks restorations
preping the cab for a good undercoat

classic truck reatorations and repairs
ready for the first coat of rust retard

Frame up street rod builders
final coat of gator guard

vintage chevy truck restorations
column painted and ready to install

classic 1966 chevy pick up restorations
gas tank cover in

classic chevy restorations
lots of new work under this bed, but its back on

1970 chevy pick up repairs and restortions
the new engine has arrived

classic car restorations
heading into position

vintage auto restorations
it takes 3 guys to get this right


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