Fred wants to bring this truck back for his own daily ride. But, Now that it's almost done, Fred wants to give it one spin around the block and then take this beauty to Barrett Jackson. 


1958 Chevy Truck Rebuilders
getting the cab started in the body area

vintage truck restorations
lots of work to get to this, the paint is same as original year

vintage chevy trucks repaired

1958 chevy truck restorations
our favorite glass guy "tom" putting in some tough glass

classic auto restorations
dash looking good

vintage cameo truck restorations
getting the molding made for this bed has been forever and lots of bucks

classic car restorations
painting the parts

vintage auto restorations
now were getting there

58 cameo repairs and restorations
freds cameo is more than great

vintage chevy cameo truck restorations
really nice and clean

vintage chevy truck repairs and rebuilds
wood and stainless bed to finish it off

vintage chevy truck restorations
finally done, awesome chevy cameo pick up

love it

chevy truck restorations and repairs
The boys getting started on the frame

classic auto restorations
this is going to be a very sweet truck , watch it as we put it together

 vintage truck restorations
the wiring get going

58 chevy truck restorations
on the frame, engine in, glass in and wiring started

classic chevy cameo truck restorations

classic chevy truck restorations
finally coming along

vintage truck restorations
finishing up the paint

vintage 58 chevy cameo restorations
this little "bowtie" molding was a long time in the making. really months. but worth it.

classic chevy pic up truck restorations
good looking dash

classic car and truck restorations
classic interior for these cameos

Classic 58 chevy camio truck restorations and repairs
we had these trim parts made by a guy in Chili, they're fantastic

vintage classic and muscle car restorations
this is really a great looking truck


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