Eric wants to bring this malibu convertable back to road ready.  it has lots of metal issues but we'll get it done.

it will need lots of metal work

custom classic car restortaions
now the cutting begins

new rear panels going on

1964 chevy malibu restorations and repairs
new door skins and panels welded in

chevy malibu restorations
etch primed

classic chevy restorations and repairs
a/c installed

classic chevy restortaions and repairs
this will be a real looker

classic chevy restorations
interior guy did a great job on this convertable

chevy malibu restorations
a few more finishing touches and its going for a ride

chevy malibu restorations
this takes vision

chevy rebuilds and repairs
needs all new floors

classic chevy restoration and repairs
tunk panels in

streetrod builders and repairs
new floor panels going in

classic chevy restorations
dynomat going in

classic chevy malibu restorations
just out of the paiant booth

classic chevy restorations
lots of work to get this point , but here is a good looking dash

chevy malibu restorations and repairs
this is a good looking Malibu

vintage chevy mailbu restorations
this really was a total rebuild, but it looks sweet


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