Ray Murray had us pick this up from a garage.   it had been sitting there since the place closed.   so we need to hop on this and get him on the road.  it came in many pieces.   but it is really a collector car.    awesome lines on the 57 removable hard top t bird.     trully classic.    watch this one grow

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57 ford t-bird restorations
hope its all here

ford 57 t bird  restorations
getting it set for the engine and trans

classic t bird restorations
getting to the wiring

antique auto restorers
lots to do on this dash

t bird restorations and repairs
new guages and paint

classic auto restorations

classic ford restorations
and the hood and trunk lid

ford tbird restorations
interior almost there

vintage ford repairs and restorations

almost home

ford t bird restorations and repairs

classic ford restorations

classic auto restorations and repairs

classic ford restortions
hope its all in those boxes

ford t bird restorations and repairs
etch prime

t bird restorations
getting the pearl white treatment

vintage auto restorations
doors, etc just out of the booth

ford T-Bird restorations
check out these motor sport SS wire wheels

ford t bird restorations
absolutely fantastic.

ford t bird restorations
the hard top. he has it all

1957 t bird restorations
fantastic t bird.

vintage ford t bird restorations and repairs
it's perfect. and Ray loves it


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