Chris found this one at a steal.   And it has great possibilities.   watch this one evolve.   he is not cutting corners on this baby .
As you can see this is an awesome 1940 Chevy that Chris has up or sale.   call him for details.     850-554-0848   ( i thinks he is asking for $40,000.00)

it takes a little imagination

install new front and rear ends.

the chop process begins

this will look great

reworked the rear fenders to accept the new 10 wheels

classic auto restorations
fabrication is his favorite,

now this is a nose that he was looking for

1940 chevy restorations

engine and air in, firewall painted al very cool root beer.

chevy classic restorations
great look for this chevy

vintage muscle car restorations and repairs

vintage 1940 chevy restorations
the root beer paint job is fantasic in the sun, just a hint of pearl

1940 chevy restorations
this 1 guage dash is so sleek, love it

Vinatage 1940 Chevy For Sale
and a roomy back seat for your co-travelers

has a lot of good metal

top needs to by chopped to give it better lines

ready to split fit and weld

wahla, Much better

classic 40 chevy restorations
chris wanted a different grill

1940 chevy restorations

classic chevy restorations
chris has finished the fab work and we are on to body

vintage chevy restorations

Classic car restorations
body work going on in the rear

chevy restorations and repairs
we are going with a sleek uncluttered dash. one guage for everything

classic 1940 chevy restorations and repairs
all thats needed is interior installed, its on the way

classic chevy restorations and repairs
looking slick

1940 Chevy radical rebuild
its a large Mercedes sun roof control panel


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